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The World Woods Golf Club

A Brooksville Florida Golf Course

The World Woods Golf Club – Florida

If you are planning a Florida golf trip, World Woods in Brooksville has just about everything you could ask for with two great Tom Fazio courses (Pine Barrens and Rolling Oaks), a nine hole executive course, and perhaps the finest practice facility in the country. Pine Barrens is currently ranked among the top 100 public courses in the country by Golf Digest, and Rolling Oaks is ranked as one of the top 30 public courses in Florida.

Course Review

At just under 7,300 yards from the tips, the Pine Barrens course is a stiff test for scratch golfers with wide fairways and five sets of tee boxes to make the course enjoyable for golfers of every level. Fazio uses the natural terrain and native pines to frame each hole in a magnificent layout that is reminiscent of Pine Valley in New Jersey. The Rolling Oaks course is a very different layout, with towering oak trees covered in Spanish moss and azaleas that bring to mind Augusta National. A bit longer than Pine Barrens, Rolling Oaks also offers multiple tee boxes that make the course challenging, yet fun for expert and novice golfers alike. Take a video tour and see what awaits you at World Woods.

And the practice facilities are second to none. The World Woods Practice Park is a twenty-acre facility with target greens, target fairways, bunkers, and multiple grass teeing stations on four sides. In addition, there are 3 practice holes including a par 5.  


World Woods is just under an hour north of Tampa International Airport, and there is a Holiday Inn Express located just 15 minutes from the course.

GolfDay Rating

The GolfDay rating for World Woods is 100, the highest of any non-resort facility in the state of Florida.  

Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club

Jack Nicklaus designed Golf Course

If you are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach this spring, give some thought to the Course Jack Nicklaus designed at Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club on the coast in Georgetown county. At just over 7,000 yards from the tips, the course will give scratch golfers all the challenge they can ask for while multiple tee boxes provide golfers at every level the opportunity to test their skills to the maximum and enjoy the course without requiring a 300 plus yard tee shot. As with all Nicklaus designs, the Pawleys Plantation course offers a variety of options for playing just about every hole, so you have to give some thought to strategy. There are plenty of bunkers placed strategically throughout the course with a fair amount of water, but rarely will you find a forced carry without being offered an alternative play that can be equally effective. You will also enjoy the beautiful views, immaculate conditions, and the natural setting on which Jack has laid down this gem. To get a better idea of what awaits you at Pawleys Plantation, take a quick tour of the course—you’ll see it’s something very special. Or listen to what the Golden Bear himself has to say.

The practice facilities at Pawleys Plantation are top notch as well, including a grass driving range with targets, putting green and short game area with bunker.

Mel Sole Golf School

And If you would like to tune up your game, register for a one, two or three day program at the acclaimed Mel Sole golf school located on site.


With regard to accommodations and amenities, Pawleys Plantation offers everything you could want. One, two, three, and four-bedroom villas are available through Litchfield Vacations with access to beautiful beaches, wonderful seafood and all of the attractions offered along the Grand Strand.

GolfDay Rating

GolfDay gives Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club a rating of 95, among the top 5 courses in the Myrtle Beach area.Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club

Tips For Golfing At A New Course For The First Time

Find a golf course using a golf course directory

Golf is a fun sport that can allow you to talk business with your co-workers or just relax with your friends. You probably have one or two favored courses that you go to on a regular basis. But it can’t hurt to search a local golf course directory and find a new course to play on every once in a while. Switch things up with a different course, and you might learn how to putt on a different style of green or learn to navigate more complex sand or water hazards. If you want your first time at a new golf course to be a good experience, here are some tips that might help.

Start at the Pro Shop

Just about every reputable golf course out there has at least one seasoned pro who gives lessons or staffs the main shop. You can explain that you are new, and if you’re lucky, you might get some free advice. Ask the people at the pro shop which hole is the hardest or if there are any specific things you should watch out for. Some golf courses also have a bar or restaurant in addition to a pro shop. You could also try posting up at the bar and asking other regular players their thoughts on the course.

Practice Your Putts

The area where you can practice putting at most golf courses almost always feature the same type of surface or grass as the greens on the rest of the course. If these greens look like they are slower or faster than what you are used to at your current favorite course, you will want to get some practice in so you can get a better feel for how things are going to go. Hitting the ball too hard or too soft on the practice green is much preferable to making the same mistake once your strokes start to count.

Ask for a Map or Look up Photos 

Some pro shops also offer maps of the entire course, sometimes for a fee or sometimes for free. If you don’t want to deal with a paper map, there may be one you can find in a smartphone app, or you could just search for photos of the course online. The idea is that you want to be able to actually visualize yourself navigating a certain bend in the course or an approach to the green before you get out there for real

Fred Couples and the Presidents Cup

With the Presidents Cup coming up in only a few months, I think we owe some appreciation to the man who was instrumental in building the excitement of the Presidents Cup to what it is today–Fred Couples. Freddy played a key role in securing U.S. victories in three very memorable Presidents Cup matches. The first came in 1994 when Couples took on the World No. 1 player, Nick Price. That year, Price had just finished racking up two major victories–the Open Championship and the PGA Championship. Many observers felt that Price would make quick work of Couples with his ever-present back trouble–but they were wrong. Price held the lead throughout most of the match, until Freddy turned up his game and got it all square going into the last hole—where he knocked his approach to a foot and tapped in for victory.

The next Presidents Cup in 1996 had Couples taking on Vijay Singh in the final match–and it was another close one. The U.S. and International teams were neck and neck when the Couples-Singh match came to the last hole. Singh played a beautiful approach to about twelve feet, setting himself up for a makeable birdie chance. Couples played a rather mediocre approach, blocking his shot to the right and leaving a forty-footer for birdie. With Couples and Singh measuring their birdie opportunities, both teams looked on expectantly–a birdie by either of them would result in a one-point victory for their team. With Couples looking at such a long putt, the Americans knew their chances were slim, but Freddy delivered once again. Pandemonium ensued as the Americans rejoiced in celebration. With the pressure applied by Couples, Singh missed his birdie and the Americans won their second Cup in a row.

Nine years later, Couples would face Singh again in another key match at the Presidents Cup. At the time, Singh was No. 1 in the world and had just finished racking up four victories for the 2005 season. Conversely, the aging Couples with his best years behind him and saddled with a back brace, had to rely on a Captain’s pick to make the team. However, Jack Nicklaus, the Captain for the Americans had faith in him and that was enough to spur Couples on. After facing skepticism from the media on why he did not pick one of his “top guns” like Woods or Mickelson to go up against the World No. 1 player, Nicklaus staunchly defended Couples saying, “I did go with one of my guns, that’s who asked for him.” After some puzzlement, one reporter asked, “Fred asked for Vijay?” Nicklaus nodded saying, “He told me if you can get me Vijay, I’d like to have him.” Singh was rather cheerful at the prospect of facing Couples and said, “You’re going to need a golf cart!” “What do you mean?” Couples asked and Singh replied, “Bro, that’s because it’s going to be over at the ninth.” The event itself was close, with the Americans trailing the Internationals by a few points. Freddy vs. Vijay was one of the early matches, with seven more to follow; and the American squad was hopeful when Couples took an early lead on Singh—thinking perhaps the gray-haired underdog could pull another rabbit out of his hat. Suddenly it seemed that all hope was lost when Couples dunked his approach on the twelfth hole into the water. Freddy and Vijay were now back to even going into the last hole, much like their memorable match-up in ‘96. After good approach shots, both were looking at birdie putts. But Singh narrowly missed his putt; and once again, Couples calmly knocked in his twenty-footer to win the match and propel the American team toward an amazing comeback victory. When asked about his win over Vijay that ignited the American charge, the always humble Couples replied, “Is he going to beat me eight out of ten times? I think so. But in a one-day match, I had just as good a shot as anyone.” Couples then proceeded to Captain three winning Presidents Cup teams, etching his name forever in Presidents Cup history.

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Fred Couples Videos

Remembering Lorena Ochoa

My club, Upper Montclair C. C. in Clifton, NJ hosted the Cadillac NFL Senior Tour event back in the 90’s as well as a number of LPGA tournaments—most recently the Sybase Classic from 2007-2009. One Friday evening I stopped by the driving range at about 7 p.m. and there was one person still hitting balls, working hard at her game—with a beautiful golf swing. It brought me back to a Thursday morning, years ago, when a business associate and I were at the first round of the Sybase and decided to follow Lorena Ochoa (I believe she was ranked number one in the world at that time). Lorena had a very early tee time that day and we had to walk out to one of the farthest holes on the course to catch up with her. When we reached her group, Lorena was in the center of the fairway with her back to us, chatting with her caddie in preparation for her second shot to the Par 5 fifth, one that would require a carry of about 200 yards over water. Suddenly, as if sensing our presence, she turned and waved with a smile that nearly caused me to drop my coffee. I looked around behind me to see who she was waving at, but there was no one else anywhere near us. It was such a personal gesture of sincere appreciation that we would come out to watch her play—and I’ll always remember it.

If you haven’t been to an LPGA event, you are really missing out on a special day—and I can guarantee the ladies will appreciate seeing you.

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