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Tips For Golfing At A New Course For The First Time

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Golf is a fun sport that can allow you to talk business with your co-workers or just relax with your friends. You probably have one or two favored courses that you go to on a regular basis. But it can’t hurt to search a local golf course directory and find a new course to play on every once in a while. Switch things up with a different course, and you might learn how to putt on a different style of green or learn to navigate more complex sand or water hazards. If you want your first time at a new golf course to be a good experience, here are some tips that might help.

Start at the Pro Shop

Just about every reputable golf course out there has at least one seasoned pro who gives lessons or staffs the main shop. You can explain that you are new, and if you’re lucky, you might get some free advice. Ask the people at the pro shop which hole is the hardest or if there are any specific things you should watch out for. Some golf courses also have a bar or restaurant in addition to a pro shop. You could also try posting up at the bar and asking other regular players their thoughts on the course.

Practice Your Putts

The area where you can practice putting at most golf courses almost always feature the same type of surface or grass as the greens on the rest of the course. If these greens look like they are slower or faster than what you are used to at your current favorite course, you will want to get some practice in so you can get a better feel for how things are going to go. Hitting the ball too hard or too soft on the practice green is much preferable to making the same mistake once your strokes start to count.

Ask for a Map or Look up Photos 

Some pro shops also offer maps of the entire course, sometimes for a fee or sometimes for free. If you don’t want to deal with a paper map, there may be one you can find in a smartphone app, or you could just search for photos of the course online. The idea is that you want to be able to actually visualize yourself navigating a certain bend in the course or an approach to the green before you get out there for real